The Books and Other Cool Stuff!

Peanuts New!
Good grief, the gang’s all here! Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally, and, of course, Snoopy—these cherished characters from the most popular comic strip of all time meet the magic of Scanimation. More
Santa Claus is going to town! Marrying the magic of Scanimation with the universally beloved figure of Santa Claus, Santa! is a holiday book unlike any other. More

Wizard of Oz New!
Wizard of Oz
The magic of Scanimation meets the wonderful Wizard of Oz, bringing to life 10 memorable scenes from the movie that’s enchanted generations of viewers. It’s the gift book of the fall. More
Waddle! Waddle!
In the same way that kids can't read Gallop! without wanting to gallop around the room, Waddle!, an animals-in-motion Scanimation® book, will inspire prancing, hopping, stomping, and scampering. And did we mention color? More

Star Wars: A Scanimation Book Star Wars: A Scanimation Book
Irresistible! Unforgettable scenes, beloved characters, and climactic duels from all six movies--brought to life though the magic of Scanimation®. Truly, the Force is strong with this book! More
¡Al Galope! ¡Al Galope!
¡Fantastico! What a treat: Gallop! in Spanish. For the millions of Hispanic children in the United States, and for the millions more whose parents would like them to learn Spanish as a second language. More

Swing! Swing!
Swing! does for kids what Gallop! does for animals—a boy rides a bike, a girl kicks her soccer ball, a swimmer cuts through the water, and a skater pirouettes on ice. The effect is joyous, magical and mesmerizing. More
Gallop! Gallop!
The first Scanimation® book for kids, Gallop! brought excitement and motion to books in a way never seen before. Just turning a page brings the book to life—a horse gallops, a dog runs, a cat springs, an eagle soars, and a butterfly flutters. More

Gallop! Cards Gallop! Cards
The pleasure of greeting cards, the pleasure of Scanimation®— the pleasure of Gallop! for all ages. Gallop! Cards are the gift that keeps on giving, whether you make the whole package a gift or send just one. More