Can you gallop like a horse? giddyup-a-loo!

The first Scanimation® book for kids, Gallop! brought excitement and motion to books in a way never seen before. Just turning a page brings the book to life—a horse gallops, a dog runs, a cat springs, an eagle soars, and a butterfly flutters. Complementing the art is a delightful rhyming text full of simple questions and fun, nonsense replies: Can you gallop like a horse? giddyup-a-loo! Can you strut like a rooster? cock-a-doodle-doo!

A New York Times #1 bestseller with over 1.9 million copies in print, Gallop! has taken the children’s book world by storm. Every child who opens the book will be amazed—and so will every parent.

Hardback , 12 pages
ISBN: 9780761147633 (0761147632)
Published by Workman Publishing
$12.95(US) $15.95(CAN)

The pictures of animals, birds and fish seem to move with extraordinary naturalism‚ [The animals] are mesmerizing for all ages, especially for aspiring artists who will want to know how it’s done.”
New York Times Book Review

Readers will gasp with delight when they open this book, produced as paper-over-board: a hidden tab in each heavy page slides an acetate layer printed with vertical black lines over an encoded, detailed image of a horse, rooster, turtle or other creature, and the layers’ interaction creates the illusion of motion. The black-and-white images openly reference the motion photography of Eadweard Muybridge (an influence that Seder acknowledges on the copyright page) and they contrast with the bright palette used for the spare, reader-directed text. (“Can you soar like an eagle?/ Whoosh-whoosh-glide!/ Can you swing like a chimp?/ Swoop-swoop-slide!”) This book may encourage plenty of galloping—and jumping, running and bounding—on the part of young readers; adults will find it a marvel to look at in its own right.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Gallop, by Rufus Butler Seder, made an obvious case for itself with ooh-ah graphics, using trademarked Scanimation, a low-tech marvel of sliding paper and stripes. Turn the page, and you set black-and-white pictures of various animals into motion – that is, if certain short people ever let you turn the page. Your kids will elbow you out of the way. They will also elbow each other out of the way.”
The Washington Post

At first glance, this looks like a regular old picture book—but the second you open it up, you’ll be mesmerized. Thanks to a brand-new technique called “scanimation,” the images on each page seem to move, as though you were watching a film instead of simply reading. Horses gallop, eagles soar—and young readers’ jaws drop! It’s the coolest book we’ve seen in a while.”
—, “Daily Favs”

Gallop like a Horse

Run like a dog

Swing like a chimp

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